Think Filtration. Think Vihan.

As one of the Country's swiftly emerging industrial filtration company, Vihan not only offers a distinctive range of products, but also innovative and customized purification solutions to its global clientele.

The company was established by a Textile Technocrat and is well complemented in its progressive strides by experts in the field of Production, Processing, Marketing and Client Servicing. Vihan utilizes its profound understanding of various applications of its fabrics to offer its customers complete optimization in their industrial processes.

The company's legacy is balanced by its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is powered by advanced fabric looming technology. Vihan's fabrics are manufactured on specialized looms to produce specific grades of fabrics that meet the stringent Global Quality standards for maintaining Solid-Liquid separation. Unique fabrication techniques and precision woven materials are carefully selected by the company to maximize productivity and minimize process costs.

Supported by skilled staff and driven by a far-reaching innovative vision, Vihan is considered amongst one of the most trusted names in industrial filtration arena.

Guiding Force

We believe in walking in sync with the industry by following valuable ethical standards in all our activities while functioning in compliance with laws and regulations at all times. Our community conducts a work culture where innovation, performance, satisfaction and mutual respect stays inevitably perpetual. We affirm to attain utmost customer satisfaction and trust by conducting work through superior standards which clearly define tasks, responsibilities and authority to run a simple and transparent organization.


Vihan Filtration has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad. It is equipped with the ultra-modern machines and equipments that meet stringent international standards. The company is conscious about its responsibility towards environment. The factory, manufacturing processes and machineries are environmentally friendly. The products are manufactured based on client requirements. Right from raw material purchase to the final product client preferences and needs are factored in to their complete satisfaction.

Use of High Grade
Team of Expert
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