Cement and Lime

Vihan’s high quality filter bags are used in all process phases of Cement and OEM Manufacturers like grinding, raw mill, coal mill, cement cooking, cooling of the clinker, etc. for solid-gas separations.

Fluidization fabrics are used in air channels for transport and storage of powder materials.

Wide range of articles and treatments are available to ensure high levels of customization for guaranteed optimal performance.

Aluminium and Alumina

Vihan’s wide range of products are valuable at every stage of production of alumina and during the casting of primary and secondary aluminium, for filtration of liquids and gases.

Energy and Waste to energy

Vihan supplies high performance filter systems to Power plants and incinerators which involve numerous filtration processes on liquids and gases like:

  • Fumes dedusting
  • Pollutant neutralization (with dry, semi-dry and semi-wet process)
  • Dehydration and recovery of the gypsum produced by the desulphurization of gases
Steelworks and foundries

Steel plants and foundries face the problem of particulate generation. This requires gas and liquid filtration systems.

Vihan supplies high-quality felts for dust collectors with a wide choice of Armor and special treatments suitable for every need. Special filter bags for reverse flow filters and shakers are also available.

Chemical Industry

The production processes of many chemical compounds involve solid – liquid separation. Gas filtration processes are also required for the recovery of products and for the control of emissions.

Vihan’s filter fabric can withstand aggressive chemical conditions and high temperatures owing to its excellent properties like:

  • Antistatic
  • Water / Oil repellence
  • Resistance to hydrolysis and sparks
  • Antibacterial characteristics

Vihan provides filter fabrics to pharmaceutical industry

  • For high quality liquid filtration
  • For drying in the production of drugs, agrochemicals, vitamins and other food supplements
  • For fluidized bed dryers - Sleeves, bags and filtering polyps (industrial micronization)
  • For the collection of active ingredients - Centrifugal bags, bands for centrifuge and related fabrics
  • For press filters - Discs and sleeves like Gaf bags and desiccant disc
  • For special treatments - antistatic felts and fabrics, impregnation, potting, membranes and microfibers.
Food and Agrochemical

Vihan's filter products are used in various processes of agri-food industry, like:

  • Animal and Vegetable oil production
  • Production of oils for biofuels
  • Drying of pasta and biscuits
  • Synthesis of starches and gluten
  • Filtration of juices, dehydration of deposits, dehydration of beer yeast for wine and beer production
  • Refining of alcoholic solutions
  • Filtration of spirits for food acids
  • Purification of sugary juices
Mining and non-ferrous metals

Vihan's filter presses, belt presses and vacuum drum filters with special filter fabrics are mainly used for solid-liquid separation during processes and purification in quaries.

Vihan ensures guarantee for

  • Excellent retention efficiency
  • High resistance of the fabrics
  • Low permeability
  • Excellent release of the panel according to the different process parameters: pH, temperature, nature and shape of the mineral particles
  • Resistant to abrasion caused by the treated sludge

The extraction, concentration and purification of metallic minerals require solid-liquid separation processes. The electrolytic process to produce non-ferrous metals also require effective performance of filters.

Wastewater treatment

Vihan provides filter fabrics for:

  • Purification of Wastewater
  • Treatment of Waste sludge
  • Treatment of municipal drinking water
  • Purification of sewage discharges
  • Treatment of sludge from incinerators
  • Metalworking process like chromium plating, zinc plating, anodizing and pickling

Our filter fabrics offer best performance for any required parameter like:

  • Weigh
  • Permeability
  • Capacity
  • Tensile strength of the fabric
  • density of the material
  • release efficiency of the panel
Other Sectors

Many industries like wood, ceramic, glass and paper use Vihan’s high-performance filtering materials.

Paper: Filter fabrics are made with best yarns with optimal dimensions which makes it perfect to purify wash water and for recovery of cellulose.

Ceramics: Filter fabrics are needed during production of kaolin, slip, porcelain and ceramics, treatment of painting and enamelling of tiles.

Glass: Filter fabrics are required for treatment and neutralization of water for production process.

Wood: Filter fabrics are used for dust suppression system in sawmills.

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