Quality is the reflection of trust and at Vihan this principle is strictly implemented by the company as well as its employees. At every stage, Vihan's quality experts check all the process to ensure that there is no lapse in the standard of quality. All products are manufactured in clean rooms and are produced in accordance with the specific global guidelines. The company's Research Department also fully complements the quality control mechanism by monitoring global trends and technologies and implementing them within the quality control system. The most important aspect of Vihan's quality management and control system is the feedback from its customers. The company utilizes this feedback to not just innovate products but also augment its existing product range to suffice the quality requirements of its clients.

High Performance. High Quality.

The company adheres to stringent quality norms for all the processes.

The materials used by the company are of very high quality and compatible to the latest machinery and production process.

A team supervises the quality assurance and control aspects along the entire process system by identifying and associating with the quality circles.

Quality Control tests are conducted regularly to maintain a uniform product quality.

Research & Development

Vihan believes that good research is the key to manufacturing quality products and customer feedback is a very integral part of the Vihan's research process. The company has a comprehensive Research and Development Department that conducts its research in accordance with the growing requirements of its clients. The department analyzes and utilizes the relevant market data to constantly augment the company's product line. These products range from specially treated water repellent fabrics, fire retardant fabrics, to heat-set fabrics as well as calendered fabrics with higher strength and minimum elongation. The synchronous working of Vihan's marketing, research and production departments allows the company to innovate products and services according to the prevailing market trends.

Use of High Grade
Team of Expert
R&D Department