In today's fast-paced world, the demand for solid-liquid and solid-gas separation processes has grown exponentially. This makes it crucial to achieve the best possible production efficiency along with trouble-free filter operation. In order to improve the production yield, Vihan offers a wide selection of filtration and separation products in industrial applications.

We constantly improvise towards these 5 following aspects:

  • Production Cost
  • Quality of Filtration Product
  • Productivity and Enhancement
  • Safety of process and production
  • Environment friendly

We provide solutions that satiate the needs of various process industries based on fabrics specifically developed to meet customer requirements. We have collaborated with OEM's in order to optimize each customer's needs.

Why Vihan?

  • High Filtration capacity
  • Reduction of cake moisture
  • Excellent cake release
  • Best chemical and mechanical stability
  • Simple installation
Use of High Grade
Team of Expert
R&D Department